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Me, Knox, Eros and Mira
Me, Knox, Eros and Mira

Aspire Siberians was registered within FCI on February 2012. We are located in Reykjavík, Iceland and work under HRFÍ (the Icelandic Kennel Club) and FCI rules.

The Siberian Husky is my passion and to me they are the perfect breed. My Siberians are a part of my family first and foremost, and everything else is a bonus. We enjoy going to the few shows held here in Iceland and try to attend every single one (4-5 shows per year). We also enjoy bikjoring and the occasional sledding (when time and weather allows).

In breeding, I believe in using sound dogs in both mind and body, with the aim for the betterment of the breed as guidance. I also believe that quality is the key word, not quantity. So when the time comes I will only breed for myself, and therefore you will see few litters advertised. I will only use healthy dogs that meet that standard and of which are clear from any hereditary defects and display amicable temperaments.

Ólöf Gyða Svansdóttir

Birthday: 15th of March 1988


Hobbies: Animals, archery, photography, music, traveling, reading, going to dog shows.

Ever since Ólöf was young she has had a lot of interest in animals but she didn't get her first pet until she was around 11 years old. It was a mixed bred dog called Bangsi. He did not stay with the family for long because he died from an unknown sickness at the age of three.

Since then Ólöf has had a few small pets, such as rabbits and a guinea pig, but ever since Bangsi died she had been wanting another dog.

In mid-2006 Ólöf became interested in Siberian Huskies and as she got to know the breed better through books and friend's Siberians she got even more in love with the breed and hasn't stopped loving them ever since!

In 2008 her mother got the guide dog, Asita, a black Labrador from Norway. Asita fitted into the family very well and got more life into the family. But because of limitations with what the family is allowed to do with Asita, Ólöf couldn't wait to get her own dog.

On the 11th of August 2009, Ólöf helped with her friend's first litter. The first born pup was called Miðnætur Erotic Eros (Eros). Ólöf took a great liking to the pup and 8 weeks later he was hers! Eros has brought laughter to the home and every single familymember believes he's not a dog but a cat in disguise as one!

After moving to Denmark to study, Ólöf decided to get her second Siberian, Destiny's Fox in Socks (a.k.a. Knox). Knox comes from Ohio, USA and is a perfect addition to Ólöf's family!
Ólöf moved back to Iceland in April 2011 with both of the dogs and is now working, and having fun with friends and dogs.